What is Farmbit.io?

Farmbit is global DeFi platform that provides access to instant financing for Agribusinesses in developing countries and stable yield for investors.

Asset owners and DeFi investors interact on FarmBit Pool, a decentralized marketplace to connect business owners, investors and operators. Agribusiness and warehouse asset owners can finance their businesses without banks or other intermediaries.

FarmBit opens up economic opportunities for Agribusinesses and warehouses in developing countries.

FarmBit Features

High Interest Rates

Up to 22% APY. Traditional interest rates offer 1 – 2% APY.

A Global Access

Financing assets and providing liquidity is open to everyone.

Flexible Loans

Fast access to cheap financing for small and large Agribusiness.

Decentralized Insurance

For adequate protection on Agribusinesses and warehouse assets.

Earn Interest and Tokens

Provide liquidity and earn high interest plus tokens

$FMB Tokens

$FMB tokens are used to incentive user’s operations on the network and serve as an essential tool for governance on the FarmBit protocol

Is FarmBit Legit?

FarmBit.io has pretty good plans and the Roadmap shows what exactly they’re planning and the time frame. I hope they work on it. It could be really helpful.

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