Desi Banks Net Worth: Desi Banks happens to be one of the most viewed creators on YouTube with more than 1.76 million subscribers on his channel.

His net worth has been estimated to be around $7 million as of 2022 as he is a YouTuber who also involves himself with sponsorship, affiliate commissions, product sales, speaking gigs, comedy which also involves stand up comedy, and of course acting as he has recently appeared as a supporting character in various movies like ‘Love by Chance‘ and ‘Daddy’s Home’ and he also appeared in ‘Little’ alongside Regina Hall.

Desi Banks Net Worth

Desi Banks’s net worth has been roughly estimated to be around $7 million currently. The YouTuber has shown his interest in various other areas apart from his YouTube channel and is perfectly doing very well to maintain his net worth and pushing more on a daily basis.

Desi Banks Early life

Desi Banks was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Though the identity of his dad is not yet known, his mum happens to be a nurse and since the age of 5 had always had an interest in comedy and acting and so began his career through the experience of life in the connection with his maternal relatives as a full-time actor.

He attended Cedar Grove High school and unknown to most people, he was a well-renowned college athlete who had lots of titles on his belt. Desi Banks, later on, attended Georgia State University which was in Atlanta, and graduated with a graduate degree in sociology.

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Biography of Desi Banks

Desi Terrel Banks Jnr. Known popularly as Desi Banks was born on the 9th of May, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia. His birth sign is Taurus and he is of African-American ethnicity but with a Georgian accent.

Desi’s height is approximately 6’1” and he weighs approximately 90kg with dark brown hair and a set of dark brown eyes. He is married but the identity of his wife has not yet been disclosed to the public, we only see pictures of her as he shares them on his Instagram page.

Desi Banks Career

Desi Banks joined in on social media in December 2010 and with his Twitter account he was able to acquire a huge fan base through his perfect ability to relate with the public.

After joining Twitter, he subsequently created accounts with other social media handles including Instagram and YouTube.

He launched his YouTube channel on the 15th of December, 2014 uploading prank videos, acting, and comedy clips.

His YouTube channel currently has more than 1.5 million subscribers with more than 599 million views in general with his most popular and most viewed video on YouTube having over 8 million views which is ‘When Your Homeboy Girl Is Out Of Hand’.

Desi Banks alongside B. Simone started a YouTube channel which they named, ‘The B. Simone and Desi Show’ for quite some time now the channel has not been active but both Desi Banks and B. Simone have recently been collaborating with other YouTube and Instagram videos and making an appearance on shows like ‘…And Then We Had Sex with B. Simone and Desi Banks’.

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Over the years Desi Banks has received positive reviews from his viewers due to his professional acts and his ability to coach upcoming actors like him with his production company where he creates production and writing opportunities for young actors

He currently producing over 2599 original videos. After his role as Flexin his role in ‘Love by Chance’ has begun to level up making him star in a feature film in 2021 titled ‘Little’ which was produced by Will Packard and also starring Regina Hall and Issa Rae.

You’ll also need to watch out for him taking lead roles because of his commitment to perfecting his acting skills.

Personal life

The popular YouTuber and American comedian and actor seem to be married but the name of his wife has not been revealed and she seems pregnant as he took to his Instagram handle that he is expecting Desi Banks III.

Desi Banks was never linked to any rumor or controversy. He is also a good Christian as he posts bible quotes on his Instagram page most at times.

Wealth dependency

What Desi Banks does for a living is quite evident as he is quite popular in his field. He has accumulated an approximate sum of $7 million as his net worth as he has been engaged in various activities apart from his YouTube channel over time.

He makes his money from being an American comedian and actor who sometimes attends stand-up shows and has taken part in some movies. He is also a social media influencer and a YouTuber.

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He takes part also in product sales and affiliate commissions, sponsorship, and speaking gigs.

Latest news

Desi Banks keeps on doing what he knows how to do best; bringing entertainment to the audience in his own way appearing on various shows and collaborating with various YouTube stars.

He’s also aiming higher in his career as an actor as soon he’ll be auditioning for main roles in movies due to his professional acts in the ones he’s been in.


Desi Banks is one of the most famous creators on YouTube with millions of subscribers, he also takes part in affiliate commissions, product sales, brand endorsements, and of course acting as he has appeared as a supporting character in movies like ‘Love by Chance’, ‘Daddy’s home’ and ‘Little’.

This is why his net worth reaching up to $7 million didn’t really come as a shock because he has done well and has shown perfectionism in his works so far.

He was born on the 9th of May in the year 1993 and is currently 29 years of age.

He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and has always had an interest in acting and comedy which is why he dies so well till date.

Desi Banks seems to be married but the identity of his partner is not yet revealed based on his latest post on Instagram she is pregnant and they are expecting their second child.

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