Dandy Jackson Chukwudi’s Biography – Dandy was born on November 29, 2002. An indigene of Isiala-Ngwa South L.G.A. in Abia State, Nigeria. He was born into a family with a really humble background, and is the only child. She was raised in a Seventh-Day Adventist home as well.

At a very tender age of 13 years, Jackson began a hobby of writing. The fiction she wrote were commended by her family and friends. As time went by he developed a passion for more genres. Different from most teenagers her age, Jackson cherished reading to stories, and when he was admitted into Senior Secondary School, she chose Commercial, he wanted to be a Writer and an Entrepreneur

She came into entertainment as a determined website designer while studying in GKIS.

She said: “I’d run off from lectures to a cyber cafe and design a website for my client from 3 pm until 10 pm. I did this for a few months. It wasn’t easy at all, but I had to survive”.

In the year 2019, after he had concluded his Secondary education, he labored so hard to crack into the bloggingsphere, by introducing his blog, called “Chukz Novel” in Partnership with his Friend Awaji-Itimikpang Abadi, which was a story telling blog. The name Chukz Novel was however gotten by his name Chukwudi.

Dandy Jackson remained within his walls of comfort zone which was web designing.

The blogging episode started in 2018.

Dandy Jackson began blogging in full in 2019 to share stories that fascinated her with her readers.

She said: “I was receiving like 200 visits a daily and for me back then, it was a great deal, sincerely. Now I’m receiving like 50,000 visits daily from about 100 countries around the world.”

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She said: “I never for once even thought that I could make money from blogging. I didn’t begin blogging with the frame of mind that some day I would really make money from it. As a matter of fact, it never even crossed my mind. I never said to myself that, OK let me start blogging now and maybe in five years time, I would begin to see the dividends.

I never anticipated that it would ever happen at all. In 2018 2019, I was placing free ads on my blog, I was the one asking my blog readers to please give me their ads to place in my blog for them free of charge. Now in 2020, people began asking me about my advert rates and I was like ‘seriously?’ I didn’t even understand what it was not until I asked a few persons and they told me their own advert rates, so was how it all started for me.”

Now talking about Jackson’s personal life, he is so single and definitely not searching at his age. According to him, everything has it’s own time.

His blog which receives well over 50,000 visitors each day is a top shot for online advertisers and for others longing to draw web traffic to their sites.

He is also a romance writer, he has written a couple of such. According to Jackson, he does not like speaking, but rather delights in writing.

Dandy Jackson is quite humble, unrelenting, very hardworking and a role model to lots youths today, and with very many dreaming to be successful just like him.

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