Cashzine Review 2020: Is It Legit Or Scam

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What Is Cashzine?

Cashzine Review
Just like Solnovel but with a bit of difference, Cashzine is a mobile application where you can earn legitimate money online just by reading local/geographical news stories from the comfort of youryour mobile device.

Everyday, the application will automatically be updated with the new and latest news stories.

Cashzine makes it possible for people to read news, latest stories about health and wellness, social and multi-channel news and current trending topics.

It’s also very possible for you to find trending news and entertainment in your area from the app.

Cashzine Review

The company thinks it is necessary that people read and expand their knowledge and that’s why they’re giving you the opportunity of earning while you read.

Cashzine App is on the Google Playstore, available for download.

Click here to download

Cashzine Registration

To download the mobile application, you’ll need to visit the Google play store. The application is currently not available in every country, so for you to know if it’s available in your country, you have you go to Google Playstore, if it’s available, you’ll see it and if it’s not available in your country, you won’t.

Cashzine Review

Once the application is installed on your device, the next step is creating an account.

You can create an account with your Google account (Gmail), Facebook or phone number.

You’ll be prompted to verify your email or your mobile number

It might take up to 10 minutes for the Verification code to appear on your phone, you gotta be patient.

Cashzine Review

If you are having issues receiving the code it is possible to request it again.

How To Earn Money On Cashzine

There are several methods of earning of the Cashzine Application and they are as follows:

Reading News

You earn Cashzine gold coins anytime you read news stories on the app.

Sharing News On Social Media

As if reading isn’t enough, you also earn gold coins every time you read a news on the app and you share it on your social media accounts


When you invite people to download the application, you also earn gold coins.


Every single day the application gifts commission to people who make use of the app. You can receive a possible 15% commission depending on the income your upline has earned.

The application enables gifting activities that you can find on WhatsApp Group, Facebook Page, WeChat, and other social media networks. If you win the event for one of these gifting activities you will make certain gold coins into your account.

Also, when you register on the app with an invite code, you will be given 800 gold coins as bonus.

The amount of gold coins you earn solely depends on the amount of time you spend on the app, meaning, the longer you stay on the app, the more you earn!

If you invite a friend and he download and registers with your invite, you’ll earn – 5000 coins
When your friend downloads the app and he earns 2000 coins in the space of 2 days – You’ll earn 8000 coins
If your friend earns 5000 coins within 10 days – You’ll earn 12000 coins!!!

Cashzine Review

Cashzine Withdrawal?

Cashzine method of withdrawal is currently direct Bank transfer.

The gold coins you earn while using the app can be converted to RM or S$.

If you earn 1000 coins, it can be converted to RM – 1.00MYR
You will need to earn 1000 coins to convert to RM 1.00 MYR.

If you want to convert to $, you’ll need to earn up to 2000 coins – $1.00

The first time of requesting for withdrawal, you’ll have to bind your account.

For you to bind your account, you’ll need to add your email and mobile number.

You’ll be able to add them on the withdrawal request page.

You’ll need to use your country code when adding your mobile number, then click on verification code.

Cashzine will send you a SMS containing a code which will be used to bind your account.

After the verification process, you need to choose your local bank.

Then you’ll be able to fill your bank account.

If you are living in Singapore and some other countries you can just receive your payment through PayPal.

Once the request has been submitted the company will send you a verification to your email address and also an SMS message.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is 10000 gold coins.

The second redemption you can wait until you’ve earned RM30, RM50, RM100 or even RM500.

You will only need to bind your account once.

Pros Of Cashzine

1. You can earn a lot through the referral program

2. It’s available for multiple countries.

3. You can read latest local stories on it

Cons Of Cashzine

1. It’s slow to earn as you’ll need to refer to earn big

2. It’s not available in all countries.

Cashzine Review (ReviewMr’s Verdict)

Just like solnovel, Cashzine is another marvelous application for making cool money online with just reading news and referring.
Cashzine is very legitimate and there are many payment proofs from different users.
I think you should give it a try.

Thanks for reading this cashzine review

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