No one expected but now Shiba Inu changed landscape of meme coin niche by following footstep of Dogecoin. Shiba token manages continue its bull run in every market situation, whether it is bullish, bearish and neutral sentiment. Shiba inu market volume continue to grow following successful audit and other trading safety protocol. Token officially listed on top tier 1 exchange including Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, FTX and others.

As of writing, Shiba is unstoppable as it setting new all-time high record with time following positive news. Yesterday, Shiba beat Ethereum in 24-hour trending volume collectively on DEX and CEX. More than 1500 ATM across world now support Shiba token along with many marketplaces also starts accepting Shiba token as payment. Robinhood market reports more than 300k petition signed for listing and we could see more independent exchange will show interest in Shiba listing.

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Shiba Inu is nothing but Japanese Dog breed started as meme coin and now become biggest investment in crypto world. since, 2020 Shiba has surged by 32k x and people who invested $1000 already reached to million worth investments. Shiba currently holding 11th position in market cap ranking right after Dogecoin and difference between Dogecoin & Shiba market cap is around $9 Billion USD. Shiba already beat top utility token that include Avalanche, Chainlink, Litecoin, Polygon and more.

Now coming back to topic, as our platform suggested different prediction for Shiba Coin, as being one of the small investors of Shiba most of you wanted to know what is next target for Shiba in coming months or year. we have seen shiba in the list of top gainers crypto on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap tracking platform. now, question will it continue to highlight that top gainer list and will Shiba surpass Dogecoin and other crypto for best investment of year 2021.

Above prediction is based of average performance of shiba inu from past 6 months.

Shiba community crossed 1 million marks on social media platform including twitter, telegram, discord, reddit and more. Platform has 3 active product that include Shibaswap, leash and Bone token. Shiba currently based on Ethereum blockchain and it currently have no big utility apart from NFT and community. This token completed own by community and team member with transparent vision by developer.

Shiba market cap volume is crossed billion worth and now heading towards setting half trillion worth if more investor continues to show same interest. Response from investor and real user are unreal because it giving tough competition to dogecoin community in term of voting. We know top market exchange also interested to bringing shiba on their platform after seeing huge spike in community.

Elon musk is huge successor of meme coin because of his tweet and support for Doge, Shiba and other memecoins. Elon musk recently asked to reveal how much he holding Shiba token and he replied none. However, he was working with dogecoin developer to bringing real utility in dogecoin ecosystem. Shiba slips down by 15% after elon musk tweet but again Shiba recover and again towards of reaching new high record.

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Shiba token burn and liquidity locking program pushing price to the moon and that favouring project in term of bringing new investor and diamond hand holder. Shiba token burning program protocol has changed, as initially token was transferred to Ethereum founder wallet.

Shiba inu community need to start working on utility and bringing more product on the platform. we know in term of safety of trading it already passed criteria of Binance and Coinbase exchange. however, Robinhood faces backlash for memecoin listing and even other exchange also facing similar kind of situation. We know Shiba completely community backed currency and more people keep holding their investment it keeping pushing price upward.

We still suggest to do your own research before investing because there more option in crypto industry that really have great utility that stays forever. Elon musk also mentioned similar thing in different way, as they told people to focus more on product instead of farming, burning or other non-utility token.

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