What Is Bull Network?

Bull Network Review
Founded and Launched by JohnMiracle Ejikeme in November 2nd, 2020, Bull Network is an which aims at building wealth through blockchain technology.

The organization wants to provide the opportunity for financial freedom, and education of what and how to utilize blockchain, defi, cryptocurrency, and forex.

Bull Network Organization‘s vision is to become the company which creates solutions for the people.

The company specially focuses on Africans and real-life problems using the Blockchain Technology through their utility token called “BULLCOIN”.

The company is legally registered with SMEDAN and CAC. And it’s currently awaiting it’s ID Number from the CAC.

Johnmiracle Ejikeme, the founder of the Organization is a native of Imo State, Nigeria.

He is a Cryptocurrency lover and enthusiast and also a business strategist.

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Bull Network In 5 Steps

Here’s a summary of what goes on the the organization

1. Register

You can join the Bull Network Community by registering.

To register, you’d need to pay a one time fee of just ₦3000.

2. Start Your Crypto Life

When you’ve successfully joined the Bull Network Community, you will have the opportunity of getting the best books and resources on Crypto, Forex and Blockchain Technology.

3. Learn To Trade

There are many educational courses on the Bull Network Community which will help you learn the act of trading like a professional.

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4. Get Paid For Activity

You also get paid in real cash and also in bullcoin (BCX) for every activity you perform in the community.

5. Cashout

The sweetest part, you can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account or to your bull wallet.

Bull Network Review

What Is the BullCoin?

Bullcoin is the utility token for the Bull Network Organization.

As extracted from the Whitepaper, BullCoin is:

A reward token for tasks on our ecosystem Will
be accepted by other vendors as a utility currency.

Bullcoin was created as an TRC10 token and
minted on the Tron blockchain with a total supply of 2 billion tokens, 35% of the total supply will be used as incentives for our community users, 12% for the pre public sale and 5% for the seed sale.

Bullcoin will serve two use case:

  • A utility token for the bull network organization community and products at large.
  • A reward token for tasks on our ecosystem Will be accepted by other vendors as a utility currency.

It will serve as the capital and value estimation of the organization from investors’ standpoint and in case of value increase over a long time.

It will be a huge reward for all that believe in the project and bought some token at the early stage.

It will be used in purchase and payments of goods or services on any of our products and future solutions.

It will as well be an incentive method for
users and participants contributing to the Bull
Network Community in different ways.

This will be the most relatable and useable
cryptocurrency in Africa, thereby reuducing the
alien-like perception the ordinary African man
have of cryptocurrency, which strengthens our core mission.

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Bullcoin will be a tradeable token both within the internal and external markets can be exchanged for profit or any other cryptocurrencies on most exchanges in the world.

Bull Network Review

What Is The Bull Network Community?

The Bull Network Community is the first idea of the Organization.

The Community has great chances to reach thousands and millions of people across Africa and transform their lives, helping them acquire the right knowledge of cryptocurrency.

The Bull Network Community is more or less like a social media but it has an inbuilt marketplace and also an academy that will:

  • Provide education and full review Bitcoin and other top growing Altcoins.
  • Teach how to invest and trade cryptocurrencies profitably and individually.
  • Provide necessary requirements and other tools to facilitate the learning process.

The Community will provide an avenue for the members to learn high income skills and make wealth for themselves.

Bull Network Review

Bull Network Community Registration

To register on the community, you’d need to pay a onetime fee of ₦3000.

You can click here to register.

Meanwhile, you get your ₦3000 back when you’ve successfully registered. It’d be available for you to purchase on the marketplace.

To make payment for registration, you’d need to purchase a coupon code from the accredited coupon vendors whose details are on the website.

Here are the details you need to registration:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address Details
  • Username
  • Working E-mail Address
  • Chosen Password
  • Your Coupon Codeh

Bull Network Community Login

To login on the community, you must have registered.

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Here are the details needed for logging in into the community:

  • Your E-mail Address
  • Your Password

On the community, you earn by performing certain activities which can be withdrawn to your bank account or to your bull wallet.

Other Bull Network Services

The Organization also offers digital marketing services like:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Bull Network Review (Conclusion)

I’m a supporter and believer in great innovations like this one and I’m positive that this organization will grow to be one of the biggest in Africa.

Bull Network will empower youths with the right knowledge of cryptocurrency and forex and at the same time, help them make good money all in the comfort of their homes.

When you join the community, you have nothing to lose but tons of things to gain!

Thanks for reading the Bull Network Review.

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