Have you ever watched the latest series of the hit Netflix show, Peaky Blinders?. If yes! Then you might remember the role of Cillian Murphy played by none other than Andrew Julian Hiroaki Koji, known by his stage name Andrew Koji.

In this show, he makes some serious fan following just like in his previous series Warriors.

Well! Andrew is a British actor, martial artist, filmmaker, and Stuntman. He gained massive fame after portraying the lead role of Ah Sahm in the action crime-drama series Warrior (2019-2020).

Also, he is well-known as Andrew in the horror drama mystery series The Innocents (2018), among other roles he has had during his career.

Epsom Native

The famous actor, Andrew, came into this earth as Andrew Julian Hiroaki Koji on November 17, 1987, in Epsom, Surrey, England and grew up with a mixed heritage of Half-English and half-Japanese.

A single mother raised the martial artist as his parents divorced when he was still a child. Andrew’s mother was one of the factors why he wanted to succeed and become rich, as Koji didn’t want to see her struggling her whole life.

Handsome and stunning Actor, Martial artist, and Stuntman Andrew Koji. Image Credit: Source Dania Graibe

After his parent’s divorce, his mother worked hard to provide for him. Glimpsing his mum’s hard work and growing age, he took it upon himself to take care of her.

From his father’s side, Andrew is of Japanese ancestry, which inspired him to train in mixed martial arts. Besides being interested in acting, he trained at the Actors’ Temple Studio in London.

Presently, he’s discovered a dedicated fan base for himself who seeks his parents and relationship status. Even if not you’re among them, let’s investigate his personal life.

Does Andrew have a Girlfriend?

35 years old Warrior star Julian has been in love with MMA and acting, since his teenage years. The Actor’s main focus has been succeeding in these two professions.

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Later, he began practicing martial arts while making short films in Thailand.

In his fifteen legal years, i.e., after 18-years-old, he has kept his personal life away from the public domain. Also, rarely spills any beans regarding his private life.

Martial artist Andrew Koji, with his cast members at San Francisco slopes enjoying the Bay Area Weather. Image Credit: @#andrewkoji

So far, the good-looking Stuntman might’ve dated a few girls or women. However, he never revealed any details on his romantic affairs. Scrolling down his Instagram handles, his well-wishers can mostly get updated on his professional work. He has left little to no place for an actual romance.

Because of his low-key nature, it is safe to call out on his relationship status as single, childless, and solely focused on his career until further updates.

What Is The Relationship Of Warrior Star Andrew with Dianne Doan?

In the Cinemax series Warrior, Hiroaki appears alongside Dianne Doan, and the story is based on the writings of Bruce Lee where Ah Sahm (Koji) travels to San Francisco from China to find his sister Mai Ling (Dianne).

In the series, the relationship between Koji and Doan’s character is of brother and sister. During the building up of the story. Later on, Dianne’s character survives the brutality of the real world and makes it to the top of Tong.

Andrew Koji with Dianne Doan in the movie Warrior. Image Credit: WarnerMedia Pressroom

Despite being so tough and cruel because of her stake in survival, her role also has a weak side. Doan and Andrew’s roles share a glance at the softer and loving side, which also builds up into their sibling relationship.

Career Highlights

While the actor was in his teenage years, Koji appeared as an extra and made his short films. After stepping in his 18, he moved to Thailand and focused on martial arts.

There, the hunk started with some small jobs while working on films, and after a while, moved to Japan and was involved in movies both in front of and behind the camera.

Nevertheless, he returned to Europe and joined the Actors’ Temple Studio in London. Then, he began appearing in minor roles, portraying Asian-European characters in such films as FB: Fighting Beat (2007), 20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope (2009), and many others.

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Meanwhile, the Stuntman also commenced working on stage. He performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Regents Park Open Theatre, Hampstead Theatre, Ovalhouse, and Charing Cross, among numerous others.

Rise Into The Stardom

Still, Andrew wasn’t pleased as a half-Asian actor, as his roles were limited. Later, he continued with minor roles, portraying gangsters and mixed martial artists in short films and TV series. For instance, A Situation (2013), then The Wrong Man (2013), and Hollow (2014).

In 2015, the Stuntman was featured in the drama mystery film Luck, and after a few more unremarkable appearances, he got a golden chance for the role of Ah Sahm in the TV series Warrior.

Initially, he didn’t want to audition, but on his mother’s advice and help, Koji made a videotape and sent it to the studio.

Andrew as Ah Sahm in Warrior season 1. Image Credit: source Instagram

As a result, he was announced as the lead character of the series Warrior in October 2017, and the series premiered in 2019 and has become a major Hollywood star.

In 2019, Julian appeared in the series American Gods, Peaky Blinders, the short comedy film Sandwich and portrayed the lead character in the sci-fi action-adventure film Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, released in October 2020.

Career As A Writer, Producer, and Stuntman

Apart from his success as an actor, Koji is also an accomplished writer and producer. Further, his first creation was the short movie Above the Waist, released in 2013. Also, he also won the Best Actor award at the Asians On Film Festival for the film.

After three years, Andrew wrote and produced the short film Hall of Mirrors, while in 2017. Furthermore, the actor was the writer and producer of the television movie Finding Akira, directed by Daniel York. He starred next to Dominic L. Coates and Suzy Gill in that film.

Andrew Koji acts as Stuntman in the movie Fast and Furious. Image Credit: Movie-Trailor.co.uk

Besides, Hiroaki has also done other projects as a stuntman, including the popular franchise Fast & Furious in 2013 and the short film Scrutiny in the same year.

Afterward, he earned a SAG award nomination in Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture for his work on the Fast & Furious film.

What Makes Koji Gain Decent Net Worth?

The TV personality Koji managed to secure a decent fortune through his skills, ranging from acting martial arts to stuntwork. Andrew is slowly turning into a star, and since he was selected as the lead in Warrior, his worth has increased by a large margin.

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At present, his total fortune is estimated to be around $300,000. In contrast, he appeared as stunt doubles in a big franchise like Fast & Furious 6, which collected $788.7 million at the box office.

During his early years, the martial artist performed stunts in the Thailand movie industry, where the payout is around $30 to $200 per day.

Also, he featured in Japan both in front and behind the camera, from where he might’ve accumulated earnings of around $40,000 to $50,000 per year.

English producer, however, secured a fair payment after establishing himself as the lead role in the show Warrior.

His average income falls around $50,000 to $100,000 per episode. So far, he might’ve received payment in the same range.

Andrew as Brilliant Chang in the Peaky Blinders

Followingly, the family business of the Peaky Blinders is floundering, forcing Tommy Shelby and other members to secure an illegal source of revenue.

Illegal remunerations bring them to Brilliant Chang, played by Andrew Koji.

Andrew as Brilliant Chang in Peaky Blinders. Image Credit: Daily Express

Moreover, he plays the drug dealer in Britain, based on a real-life person. During the early 20th era, the star acted as a drug dealer working in Britain named the Dope King of London.

He features alongside Cillian Murphy, Finn ColePaul Anderson, and many others.

His News, Facts, and Influence

After a victorious first season of the TV series Warrior, Koji was launched to stardom. Consequently, his fans more appreciated him after the second season premiered on October 2, 2020.

Also, his followers are waiting for season 3 and have raised a few eyebrows for his role of Storm Shadow in the film Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.

Andrew’s poster artwork for #warrior season3. Image Credit: Instagram

Additionally, he has done a few interviews about his newfound fame, talking about how he got the lead role in Warrior and other accomplishments in his illustrious career.

Some of the martial arts that Koji is skilled in are karate, kung fu, tae kwon do, kickboxing. Even sword fighting. Also, he has used acrobatics and gymnastics in his film stunts.

Andrew is in Warrior’s second Season. Image Credit: Instagram

In addition to this, his fame has been transferred to social media platforms, and he already has over 20,000 fans on his official Instagram page.

There, he not only shares his recent accomplishments, including his directorial debut but also sets from upcoming films and series on which he’s serving.

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