Blockchain-based tower defence game CryptoVsZombie has raised $1.7 million in private funding led by X21 Digital. The goal of this innovative company is to become the most popular Crypto Tower Defense brand on GameFi by leveraging BSC Technology’s advantages and track record.

The funds raised will be used to develop the CryptoVsZombie platform, and expand its user base across the globe.

The team at CryptoVsZombie believes that low transaction fees are important for a successful platform like GameFi which will power all future games, both internally created and externally published games. As such, the team behind the innovative game chose to build it on the BSC network which is capable of processing tens of thousands of transactions per second and has a very low transaction fee.

High-end gaming as a lucrative and income-generating pastime

Play-To-Earn & Compete-To-Earn is the foundation of CryptoVsZombie. The game is based on the tower defence genre and can only be played in multiplayer mode. It will be available for PVP combat between players. Players will need to use native tokens in order to participate in the game. They can earn NFT tokens by winning in-game seasonal tournaments and by completing achievements.

At the end of each tournament, NFT is given to the top players in addition to their tokens rewards, which users are able to collect as a form of achievements. The unique proposition is that NFTs in CryptoVsZombie are extremely limited in quantities and only rewarded to these winners.

The game will also have an in-game shop where players can upgrade their crypto towers and zombies to equip better in the match. These offensive and defensive in-game cards will be rare and unique, so players will want to collect them all. The team is also planning to add new content on a regular basis to keep players engaged.

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Public debut on six launchpads

CryptoVsZombie will be launching on 6 different launchpads to allow public participation. These include Gamestation, BSC Station, Infinity Pad, Gamestation, BinStarter and Jlaunch Pad.

Since the inception of blockchain-powered internet games in 2017, enthusiasts have been familiar with this technology. While numerous projects have sprouted and perished since then, none have been able to gain traction among gamers as a whole. Developers may be perplexed as to what makes their games stand out. A change in perspective, however, might be just what is needed to succeed. CryptoVsZombie is one such game that has the potential to do just that.

As the first blockchain-based tower defence game, CryptoVsZombie is looking to make a big splash in the industry. The game has already raised $1.7 million in private funding and is slated for release on 6 different launchpads. With its unique gameplay and low transaction fees, CryptoVsZombie is poised to take over the gaming industry.

The new platform, which is already one of the most innovative in the market, joins the field as one of the few to promote a novel concept known as compete-to-earn, allowing gamers from all over the world to enjoy high-end gaming as a lucrative and income-generating pastime.

The chief executive, Silver W.X., and the creator of CryptoVsZombie leads a team of eight driven individuals to help expedite the launch. The group includes a mix of gaming development, marketing, and blockchain knowledge among others. He had previously held senior posts in both developing and running previous games with proven track records.

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