Big 30 Net Worth: Big 30 is an American rapper and hip hop artist who hails from Memphis, Tennessee and became famous after releasing hit songs like ‘ Neighborhood Heroes’, ‘Allegations’ and ‘Shots Out The Vette’.

The breakthrough in his career arrived when his song ‘Neighborhood heroes’ went viral and was streamed more than 30 million times on Spotify and was spotted at the 57th spot on the Billboard hot 100 charts during a merciless verse on Pooh Shiesty’s hit track.

His unique style in rap music has over time grabbed the attention of some record labels include Moneybagg Yo’s record label called The Bread Gang and N-Less Entertainment and signing a deal with them.

This article gives a run-through of all that there is to know about Big 30.

Big 30 Net Worth

Calculating his income and assets, Big 30’s net worth has been estimated to be approximately $1 million owing mostly to his music career as he is a rapper who has been signed to the Bread Gang music label and N-Less Entertainment and has also received various accolades due to his hit songs.

Early life

Big 30 was born on the 28th of December, 1999 in Memphis, Tennessee. Life was really tough for him and growing up in a neighborhood like Memphis, music was way out of their league as he spent a whole lot of his childhood getting in all manner of trouble, like messing around in school and making his teachers look down on him, to trying to make a living off the streets.

He was sent to different schools as a child because of his reckless behavior and was expelled several times.

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He took part also in the little football league and caused a whole lot of trouble with his fellow neighborhood kids. Being introduced by his older cousin to popular celebrity artists like Gucci Mane and Yo Golti helped change his life for the better.

As guns were part of his early life he got his name Big 30 from his favorite gun which is a Glock 30.



Rodney Lamont Wright Jnr. Popularly known as Big 30 was born on the 28th of December in the year 1999 in Memphis, Tennessee, and is an American citizen who happens to be a rapper by profession.

He has his zodiac sign as Capricorn, has a height of 5’7” (170cm), and weighs 75kg (165lbs). He has dark brown hair and black hair.

Information concerning his parents and possibly his siblings has not been disclosed yet as he keeps most of his life private and away from the public.

He is believed to have a daughter but her name has not been disclosed and the child’s mother is Aarena and it hasn’t been confirmed if they are still together or not.


Big 30 recorded the very first single which he titled ‘Breaking news’ alongside Pooh Shiesty in October 2018 which was so the first song which he uploaded its music video on his YouTube channel and it reached over 100,000 views in over a month catching the attention of N-Less Entertainment co-founder and CEO Marcus ‘Head’ Howell just within a year and he signed them to his label making it a joint venture with The Bread Gang’s imprint.

He was awarded lots of accolades and tons of views on his YouTube channel throughout the course of 2020 of course with the support of Marcus.

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In April of 2020, Big 30 dropped his debut single titled ‘Murda Day’s in which he featured Lil Migo and it went viral almost immediately thereby earning him lots of recognition in the industry with almost 6 million views on YouTube and then a month later, he came up with the release of another single ‘Just Wait Till October’ which also came out successful.

His breakthrough in his music career came in July 2020 when he and Pooh collaborated to release the song ‘Allegation’ making it his first track to ever reach about 60 million views and counting on YouTube and with that as a motivational guide, he kept making and releasing hit singles. Another turning point also was ‘Shots Out The Vette’ which had about 25 million views. Big 30 also teamed up with DeeMula and Pooh Shiesty in recording ‘Neighborhood Heroes’ which was also a hit.

I’m September 2021, Big 30 released his debut mixtape he named ‘King of Kill Branch’ which debuted at the 13th spot on the Billboard 200 charts, a mega success for a first time project and in a month later, he became the newest hip hop artist to Interscope records through a partnership with Bread Gang and N-Less Entertainment.


Personal life

Big 30’s personal life has always been personal to him and based on intensive research there really hasn’t been much to tell about his personal life and even if he’s single or not we couldn’t tell although he has a daughter with her name not given but the child’s mother is Aarena and sources have not confirmed if they are still together or not.

Wealth dependency

His primary source of income has been from his music career as he has made a name for himself in the industry, breaking limits and soaring high in his career. He also makes a whole lot from his YouTube channel with some of his hit singles gathering millions of views and also from selling of merchandise.

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In January of 2018, before his career started Big 30 was arrested on the charges of firing his gun towards an apartment building which was pretty much occupied though he claimed no one was there at the time but an occupant confirmed his bullets merely grazed his face.

After just a few months of signing a record deal with Bread Gang and N-Less, he was arrested again in October 2020 in Alabama on the charges of drugs as he was found with 17,000 Glock 40 handguns, codeine, marijuana and other drugs allegedly packed to be sold.

Latest news

Big 30 has been doing so well in the music industry that he keeps catching the eyes of his fellow rappers as they seem to want to collaborate with him. He also has tried in maintaining his net worth that he keeps releasing hit singles and mixtapes.


Rodney Lamont Weight Jr. known by his nickname Big 30 is an American rapper that has done well for himself in the music industry by releasing hit songs that have captured the heart of popular record labels and making them sign deals with him.

He had a rough childhood and got into trouble many at times but once he was introduced by his older cousin to celebrities like Gucci Mane and Yo Golti, his whole life took another turn.

He has been in two controversies so far with one happening before he started his career and the other taking place during his career. His net worth has been estimated to be around $1 million owning primarily to his career in the music industry.

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