Babydoge, a DeFi project, is still one of the most talked-about crypto projects since it launched in July 2021. Easily confused with meme coin, Babydoge has proven to be a decentralized financial project to watch. The coin recorded a bullish explosion in price just eight days after the launch.

  • Bitrise has innovative tokenomics
  • More attractive rewards to investors
  • Fully automated token buyback and burning

Babydoge has, in the last few months, been given tough competition from other DeFi projects that seems to provide better offers to the crypto investors. One of the biggest competitors is Bitrise coin, a still mooning that is quickly garnering popularity with the crypto community.

Launched a week after Babydoge, Bitrise token has been performing very well in the market, especially in the building of the crypto community. Babydoge community members are joining Bitrise, and lately, the coin has recorded a bigger number of these members.

The growing attraction towards Bitrise coin has been associated with fast protocol development, innovative tokenomics, and appealing investor rewards. These are reasons why crypto investors are choosing this coin over Babydoge. Let’s go deeper into these reasons.

Despite Babydoge being a week older, Bitrise team has done so much than Babydoge in building the DeFi protocol. The team has already developed the key products for a DeFi ecosystem, such as the dApp wallet. The Bitrise dApp wallet, Bitrise Audits, and Techrate Audit are three products already running on the ecosystem.

The team also announced the launch of the exchange in Q1-2022, and the blockchain is coming up soon. This is just four months since the launch of the token.  Babydoge has done a lot but not as much as Bitrise, and that’s why it is slowly losing traction.

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On token economics, Babydoge has done good and attractive tokenomics. But the crypto community says that Bitrise coin is better at rewarding investors. Babydoge is rewarding wallet holders a 2% of every sell/buy/transfer occurring in its ecosystem.  

Bitrise gives its token holders 4% of all transactions occurring on its ecosystem. This is double what the competitor is offering, which means more money for the investor. This is another reason why more people are choosing to invest in the $BRISE token.

Bitrise is starting the staking process, and this is a milestone that is setting it apart from other DeFi projects. The staking process is one of the reasons why the platform has been recording more new community members in recent weeks than Babydoge. Even Babydoge community members are joining the coin to earn staking rewards.

The platform has 80% APY of the revenue generated by the products in the Bitrise ecosystem shared by staked tokens. This is an attractive staking reward and many crypto investors, even from the top 10 cryptocurrencies. With these kinds of features, Babydoge cannot compete with Bitrise coin. Bitrise is developing faster and rewards investors better. That’s why the crypto community likes it.

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