Who is Azie Faison? How much is Azie Faison’s net worth?

Azie Faison was a former drug dealer and businessman who worked alongside Alpo Martinez and Rich Porter. He turned a new leaf after he escaped death bringing his 5 year reign as a drug cartel to an end at the age of 26 and is currently an American rapper and the founder of ‘Mob Style’, a hip hop group and also motivates young youths not to indulge in drug trafficking using his life as an example.

In this article you’ll find all that there is to know about Azie Faison, the life he used to live and the life he is currently living.

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Azie Faison's net worth

Azie Faison’s Net worth

The net worth of Azie Faison had been recently estimated to be around $2 million owing to his involvement in the drug business and his music career and also from books, documentaries and movies written based on his life.

Azie Faison’s Early life

Born in Bronx, New York on the 10th of November of 1964 to his parents; Margaret Rogers and Azie Faison Sr. He lived with Gus mother and sister in NYC till around 1970 at the age of 6 when they moved to Sugar Hill section of Harlem when their home was destroyed by fire. Azie Faison struggled in his school days thereby dropping out in his 9th grade working several other odd jobs in the city of Harlem including working a two year stint at a local drycleaners. He later became a cocaine dealer and distributor after joining the drug business in 1984.

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Biography of Azie Faison

Azie Faison was born on the 10th of November, 1964 in Bronx, NY to his parents Margaret Rogers and Azie Faison Sr. He has 7 siblings and has Scorpio as his birth sign. A rapper and businessman by profession, Azie is of Afro-American ethnicity having a weight of 95kg (approx. 209lbs) and a height of 6ft 4inc (approx. 1.96m). The color of his hair is black and the color of his eyes are black.


Azie Faison at a young age was forced into trading drugs after he attended a screening of the 1983 film Scarface. He later on established a relationship based on work with a local Dominican supplier that year and over time he was being introduced to cocaine with him going on to become one of the first distributors of cocaine within New York in the year 1984.
At the age of 21, Azie Faison has already become the wholesaler in Harlem with a weekly income of $40k and expanding the business till the year 1990 becoming one of the most notable distributors during the War On Drugs era in the US. While still in the business, he was reintroduced to his childhood friend Rich Porter who also introduced him the Alpo Martinez and thereafter the three of them worked together to expand the operation to become the largest distributors of cocaine in the NY.

It all began to crumble after Azie Faison escaped death after being shot 9 times during a robbery incident that went awry in the year 1987, leaving 3 seriously injured and 3 dead from the attack and with that the network began to fail as he was left in his hospital bed trying to recover. All of this caused an issue between Azie, Porter and Alpo with Alpo killing Porter in 1990.

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He formed the hip hop gang called ‘Mob Style’ and released an album as member of the group as well as a solo in the year 1991. His legacy so far serves as an source of inspiration for rap songs, movies, books and documentaries.

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Azie Faison’s Personal life

Azie got married to Nikel Goledd though the date of their marriage is not specified and they are blessed with a son named Ezni Faison and a daughter named Lorrell Faison and is currently living in Brooklyn with his family. He also has a daughter with Patricia Porter.

Wealth dependency

His wealth comes mostly from his involvement in the drug business then and currently from his music career as a rapper. He also earned a whole lot from the documentary ‘Game Over’, the book ‘Game Over: The Rise And Transformation Of Harlem Hustler’ and the movie ‘Paid In Full’ which were all written based on his life.


His controversy came in the year 1987 where he was nearly killed as he was shot 9 times during a robbery that went awry causing his network of drugs to collapse while he was on his sick bed trying to recover although causing a breach of trust between himself, Porter and Alpo Martinez with Alpo Martinez killing Porter in 1990.

Latest news

After the death of Porter, he retired from the drug business and then decided to go on a mission to guide young ones away from drug dealings and drug trafficking. He collaborated with documentary filmmaker Troy Reed in creating a documentary titled ‘Game Over’, worked with Agyei Tyehimba in writing ‘Game Over: The Rise And Transformation Of Harlem Hustler’ which were based on his life and also ‘Paid In Full’ which was inspired by his life alongside Alpo Martinez and starring Wood Harris. The movie was released in 2002 while the documentary and book were released in 2007.

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In conclusion, Azie Faison was a drug dealer who grew up in New York with his mother and moved to Harlem at the age of 6 when his house caught fire. He was introduced to drugs at an early age and was forced into the business and over time he took charge of the business joining forces with Porter and Alpo Martinez to become the largest distributors of cocaine in the whole of New York till an incident the nearly killed him took place and in the process falling his cartel with Alpo killing Porter.

He retired from the business after the death of Porter and released songs as a member of ‘Mob Style’, a group he formed in 1989 which later transformed into an active hip hop group. Today he has become a source of encouragement to the youth especially those struggling to come out of that type of lifestyle and has a net worth of $2 million.

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