Quick Facts of Anthony Avalos

  • Full NameAnthony Avalos
  • BirthplaceLancaster, California, USA,
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • ProfessionAmerican Kid
  • Nationality
  • Education used to attend El Dorado Elementary School

If you have heard the tragic death, which covers all media and newspapers on July 21, 2018, then you might be familiar with the mysterious death of Anthony Avalos. Moreover, today’s article is about Anthony Avalos, who was an American kid.

Furthermore, he was tortured and murdered by his own mother and her boyfriend at ten years of age. The news was on the top place among other mysterious death. What was the reason for the tragic death of the kid? Let’s get into the article to know him better.

Who is Anthony Avalos? Bio.

Anthony hails from Lancaster, California, USA, in the year 2008. He was born to his mother, Heather Barron, and father, Victor Avalos, alongside five siblings. However, his exact birth date and his siblings’ names are still missing.

Remembering Anthony Avalos, source Facebook
Remembering Anthony Avalos. Image source: Facebook

Likewise, he used to hold American nationality and belonged to mixed ethnicity. Additionally, he used to attend El Dorado Elementary School.

During his time in school, his teachers noticed the marks on his body and doubted that he was getting hurt in his home. After that, the teachers immediately informed the police but wistfully, no actions were taken.

Anthony was Abused and Murdered

An American kid had struggled and suffered a lot in his childhood. Sadly, on July 21, 2018 Thursday, he left this world. His actual father brought him to a hospital emergency with fatal bleeding in his skull.

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And, he was in the Intensive care unit on life support following a cautious fall. His mother, Heather Maxine Barron, and her boyfriend, Kareem Ernesto Leiva, abused, tortured, and murdered him rudely. His body showed clear signs of sustained abuse during the autopsy.

He was malnourished and had crushes and burns all over his body.

Anthony horrific condition, source Pinterest
Anthony’s horrific condition. Image source: the Irish sun

The caseworkers were getting over 13 complaints of abuse regarding Anthony from February 2013 and April 2016. At the age of four years old, they sexually abused him.

During the last few days of his life, they tortured him repeatedly, beat all over his body, even held him upside-down, dropped him on his head, sprayed hot sauce in his mouth, eyes, and nose, and also forced him to kneel on rice for several hours.

Anthony told a vice principal that his mother beat him and locked him in a room with no access to food, source Twitter
Anthony with his brothers. Image source: LosAngelestimes

Additionally, there were at least 16 calls from School administrators and relatives regarding his abuse.


The LA County District went after the death penalty against abusers on August 28, 2019. But, both of them insisted not guilty of intentional murder with the infliction of torture on the victim.

Prosecutors to seek death penalty for mother and her boyfriend charged in Anthony's murder, source Pinterest
Anthony’s mother and her boyfriend were charged with Anthony’s murder. Image source: Death Penalty News

The LA District Attorney’s Office under District Attorney George Gascón finally dropped the death penalty for Heather Maxine Barron and Kareem Ernesto Leiva.

His Relationship Status and Net Worth

Anthony was just a ten-year-old kid living his tough life. As per research, it is declared that he is homosexual. He had stated that he liked both girls and boys. His neighbor and aunt, Maria Barron, said Anthony would have taken great bravery to come out of his home.

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Anthony's funeral attended by his family and friends, source Twitter
Anthony’s funeral, attended by his family and friends. Image source: Yahoo

Regarding this topic, Maria had always voiced her concerns about Antony’s mother, Heather Barron, and her boyfriend, Kareem Leiva. Despite this, they were homophobic and were against homosexuality.

As he didn’t have begun his career, he was not earning as well, so; he doesn’t have any net worth and earning.

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