Key Points

  • An activation code is just a quicker way to sign in
  • Not a substitute for TV provider username/password
  • Only used on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Samsung TV

How They Work

You get an activation code when you need to sign in with your TV service provider information. The code is a sort of shortcut, so you don’t have to type in everything with a remote control.

When using Roku, Apple TV, Android TV or Samsung TV:

  1. You select “Sign In” or you try to watch some content that requires a sign-in
  2. Your TV screen displays a code.
  3. Using a computer or mobile web browser, you go to
  4. You enter the code–that’s how we identify what device is being authenticated.
  5. Now you follow through with your TV provider username/password.
  6. This part is the same as any regular sign-in process. When complete, your TV screen will refresh: the code is gone and you are back at the last screen, but now signed in.

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