Quick Facts of Alix Jeanne Traeger

Alix Traeger, aka Alix Jeanne Traeger, is an American chef and YouTuber star. She achieved world fame through the BuzzFeed Tasty channel.

Later on, her own YouTube channel, Alix Traeger. She uploads videos in which she showcases her cooking talents, Vlogs, Travel, Q&A Video, Hair video, Beauty Video, etc.

Moreover, she also came to the spotlight as an Instagram star, TikTok star and focused on glamorous quotients. There are a lot of interesting facts to know about this popular YouTuber so if you are interested, then read this article below:

How much does Alix make from her Youtube handle?

The famous entertainer is a very popular online figure on YouTube. Furthermore, her channel has amassed millions of views and subscribers.

Therefore, it can be presumed that through it, she makes a lot of cash. Furthermore, Traeger’s subscribers are increasing day by day, showing that he will earn more money in the near future.

Alix Camping in Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase. Image Credit: @majortraeger

Besides, the star’s earning is added by her works in advertisements and commercials. According to SocialBlade.com, she earns $18-$281 as estimated monthly earnings, which are pretty good as YouTuber’s earnings.

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In the same way, she receives $211-$3.4K as an annual income. Additionally, she has a net worth of around $1million as of 2021.

Even her Instagram posts earn her quite a good sum of money. In her posts, we can see that Alix promotes several big brands which have paid her well.

Apart, most of her income is solely through her YouTube Channel. It is influenced by being a YouTube star, brand advertisement, acting, and social media personality.

With her hard works and dedication towards her work, she is increasing her YouTube Channel to wider ranges and prefers a luxurious lifestyle with her family.

About Alix Traeger

Alix was born on 20 April 1993 under the Taurus zodiac sign. She got raised in Santa Clara, California, the United States of America, into a middle-class family.

However, she hasn’t talked much about her parents, never sharing their names. However, she has stated that she’s quite close with her family, including her sister Janna Traeger.

Alix Traeger with her parents. Image Credit: @majortraeger

From an initial age, Traeger was interested in food preparation and desired to become a successful chef after finishing local high school in her hometown.

Alix moved to Los Angeles, where she enrolled at Loyola Marymount University, from which in 2015.

Alix got a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Sciences, stating that it was the closest she could get to food studies.

Career Beginnings

After graduating from the University, the star started a food blog, sharing her knowledge and interest in food. Later, she began traveling, writing about her travels and cuisines she encountered before she finally settled in Stockholm, Sweden.

Later, she started searching for a job in the food industry and eventually began working part-time as a Food Stylist.

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Alix with BuzzFeed friend Rie Macclenny. Image Credit: Instagram

As she stated, it wasn’t an extravagantly paid job, though it marked her actual start in a career in food, and she loved the job; after a while, as her knowledge developed, in July 2016, BuzzFeed hired her to join their food channel Tasty.

From here, Traeger started making videos for the channel, showcasing her cooking skills and gaining an enormous fan base. Additionally, people admired her, all thanks to her funny personality and her success as a chef.

Rise to Fame

Constantly, Alix was enhancing popularity as a chef, working hard for the BuzzFeed community, showcasing how to prepare various meals–her one video, “How To Cook Desserts If You’re Single,” became one of the most popular videos on the channel.

After that, she continued with videos such as “I Made a Romantic Dinner In 15 Minutes”, then “Ultimate Pantry Cookies At Home With Alix,” among many others that she made for the channel “Tasty” before she left the channel in 2019. Even she explained her reasons why she left BuzzFeed in one video.

Alix as a certified LOUD person who talks all day long for work while I cook, I try my very best to take extra care of my voice. Image Credit: Instagram

Later, the star opened her YouTube channel back in 2016 but uploaded nothing until August 2018, when she posted the video “Welcome to My Channel + Tour of BuzzFeed Tasty,” which has garnered almost 600,000 views.

And she continued with videos sharing her story about how she got the job at BuzzFeed Tasty and many others. She celebrated her Silver Button from YouTube with her fans with the video “Eating My Silver Play Button Ft. Rie & Worth It”.

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The Covid-19 pandemic affected Alix negatively, mainly during quarantine time as she struggled mentally, talking in a video about her decision to leave Tasty and move back home.

Alix Pandemic Weight Gain, source YouTube

Since then, she has continued her career as a YouTuber, transforming recipes into food and gaining more fans. Currently, she has assessed over 335,000 subscribers and more than 12million views on her official YouTube channel.

Some of her popular videos include “A Day In My Life with Rie McClenny a BuzzFeed Tasty,” which has under two million views, then “I Tried To Make TikTok’s Viral Whipped Coffee,” with over 670,000 views, and many others that have only added to her following.

Weight Loss

As a foodie, Traeger has always been chubbier and would often put herself on a diet but never reach the goal she’d set. Notwithstanding, she revealed it in one of her videos, saying that she wants to enjoy herself and life on the whole.

Alix weight loss. Image Credit: YouTube

In addition to this, she expressed the Yo-Yo effect and explained that she doesn’t have a weight scale at home and doesn’t know how much she weighs, just that she feels good.

Her Relationship Status

Spilling the hot tea on personal life, the 28-year-old YouTuber has often talked about her ups and downs in the video “Why I’m Single” explained her decision to stay single for now. Currently, she is focusing on her growing career and herself and her studies as a person.

Alix is spending time with her friends. Image Credit: Instagram

Nevertheless, she likes to keep her personal life private and doesn’t let the information outside, so there is not much information about her dating and love affairs. Moreover, she is a fun-loving and charming person.

To date, there are no rumors and controversy regarding her, and she doesn’t let the hater damage her reputation; instead, she reacts with positivity.

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