14 Days In Afghanistan (A Book By Oladimeji Abubakar)

14 Days In Afghanistan (A Book By Oladimeji Abubakar)

14 Days In Afghanistan

14 Days In Afghanistan (A Book By Oladimeji Abubakar)

Following the abduction of some students who are the children of some U.S Governors by a deadly terrorist, The U.S sent a group of professional soldiers to extract the kids and also eliminate the leader of the terrorist group. Things really didn’t go as planned as the soldiers turned to the prey.

A Little Peek

“Good morning class” The Physics teacher said as he walked into the class. He carried a tablet with him, which will be used to control the smartboard in the class and teach the students. The students were busy talking, they murmured as he came in, they reluctantly turned and faced him.

“It’s Mr. Albert, Newton again,” One of the students said sarcastically and the rest busted into a peal of loud laughter.

“HaHa, Funny,” The teacher said, obviously embarrassed but he dares not raise his voice at them. It’s no ordinary school, It’s the school for the spoilt, rich, influential politicians’ wards. He opened his tab and faced the smartboard.

“Today, we’re…” The teacher was saying when a bullet suddenly went right through his head, he fell, his blood splashed all over the smartboard. Some guys dressed like the SWAT team, with their faces covered suddenly stormed the classroom. All of them carrying assault rifles. The young students started to cry out of fear.

“Silence!!!” One of them yelled as he removed the helmet on his head and then uncovered his face, he is their leader.

“We are not going to harm you unless you want us to,” He said with a calm voice.

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“Fuck you, I’m not afraid of you, you can’t do shit” A male student yelled as he stood up. “Sit down,” The man said.

“And what if I don’t?” The daring boy asked. The leader signaled to one of his men, and he shot the boy dead.

They all started to cry and panic again, and the man hit his hand on the desk very loudly. “Quiet,” He said

“My name is Mark, Mark Ferry. I’m not here to hurt you, that boy is just a victim of circumstance.”

“Now, I need just five of you, just five. I’m not going to kill you. I just need you for sometimes and then I’ll release you back, I promise.” He spoke.

“Are there up to five governors’ children here?” He asked, the students started looking at each other, afraid of what to do or say.

“I’m not gonna ask again,” Mark said, wrapping his finger around the trigger simultaneously. They started pointing at each other. Mark smiled,

“Good,” He said and told his men to take five of them which they did. Their hands were tied, their mouths taped and their heads covered.

They picked three girls and two boys, all are about sixteen or seventeen years of age.”The security should be here within 30 minutes, before then, sit tight,” Mark said as he exited the school alongside his men and the abductees.

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